Is your network security up to scratch?

While a number of high-profile data breaches have thrust cyber security under the spotlight for businesses of all shapes and sizes, many IT teams remain ill-equipped to tackle the entire scope of threats facing their business.

What are the principal threats your IT team should be on the lookout for? And how can you ensure your team is well-placed to react before threats make their mark and leave a costly clean-up mission?

In this episode, experts from Maintel and security partners Fortinet and Level 3 share their experience in delivering advanced network security solutions.

  • Rufus Grig, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Maintel – Chair
  • Steve Mulhearn, Director Enhanced Technologies UKI & DACH, Fortinet
  • Tom Pattinson, Security Solutions Director, Level 3
  • Jean-Frederic Karcher, Head of Security, Maintel

Our experts will also be discussing:

  • What is the GDPR, and what impact will it have on my network security requirements?
  • Are the threats that my business is facing being exaggerated?
  • Which security threats should I be most concerned about?
  • What’s next for network security, and how can my business stay on top of it?

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