The Future of Wi-Fi

The nature of Wi-Fi in the workplace continues to evolve. Gone are the days of single access points, small numbers of sporadic users and trusted wired connections – today’s average business has seen a nine-fold increase in connectivity, with an average of three Wi-Fi connections used by every employee.

This leaves businesses facing a number of challenges around maintaining the network performance required to meet both user demand and that of increasingly sophisticated Wi-Fi reliant applications. And then there’s the security issue – ensuring your network is robust and secure while effectively managing misuse.

In the latest instalment of the Maintel Technology podcast, we bring together an expert panel to discuss all things Wi-Fi:

  • Rufus Grig, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer, Maintel
  • Stephen Hoy, Business Development Manager, Aerohive
  • Steve Cooper, Technical Integration Manager, SSP Global
  • Dan Davies, Director of Sales Operations, Maintel

Join us as our experts discuss:

  • How this traditional consumer product has infiltrated modern day business communications
  • The importance of integrating Wi-Fi with your wide communications stack
  • The privacy implications of Wi-Fi use, and how organisations can ensure visibility and control across their networks
  • What’s next for Wi-Fi

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