Webinar: Deploying Skype for Business in the real world

Is Skype for Business fit for your business? Have your questions answered by our team of experts.

Business communications is entering a new phase where communications and collaboration tools are collapsing distance, breaking down barriers between teams and speeding up decision making. Although many technology vendors are active in this area, the one that is at the forefront of this change is Microsoft with its highly disruptive Skype for Business (Skype4B).

Skype4B now combines the familiar user experience of Skype with the enterprise functionality and security of Microsoft Lync. The expected benefits include cost savings, improved productivity and better internal collaboration.

However, for organisations considering taking the plunge, there are many questions:

  • Are the tools mature enough to replace my legacy, but highly available and capable platforms?
  • How will I migrate from my set up today to Skype4B?
  • Will my people adapt to new ways of working?
  • Will my traditional telco partners still be able to work with me so I can keep my numbers?
  • How will I continue to support my customers and business partners? Will these tools enhance or hinder my interactions with my key stakeholders?

In short – is this technology ‘fit for my business’?

In this webinar, our five expert practitioners including Microsoft will discuss these and many other aspects of this minor revolution in communications.


  • Rufus Grig, Group Strategy Director at Maintel – Chair
  • Ian Woolner, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Skype for Business
  • Steve Palmer, Head of Cloud Services at Maintel
  • Tom Gutteridge, Product Marketing Manager – Professional & Managed Services at Maintel
  • Paul Cox, Customer Experience Specialist at Maintel

Watch the recording of this webinar here.