Maintel Communications Service Manager and Skype for Business

Meet a system that monitors Skype for Business everywhere your workers are using it. 

Maintel Communications Service Manager (Maintel CSM) reaches beyond the WAN and across the public internet to deliver an end-to-end view of the health and performance of your business.

Today’s workers aren’t confined by desks or corporate networks. They’re hard at work in different locations – whether it’s on the road, at the café or after hours. But mobile workers can create headaches for IT managers as traditional monitoring tools can’t see devices operating beyond the corporate network and the cloud.

This is a problem because when users remain unseen, IT managers are unable to monitor potential issues affecting quality of service – things like competing applications on the sales manager’s laptop, or a poor WI-FI connection in a cafe. So much for end-to-end visibility.

Maintel CSM continuously monitors Skype for Business performance across your WAN and between user locations and devices, giving you end-to-end visibility, without limits.