ICON Secure

Maintel’s ICON Secure is a managed, always-on secure internet gateway service delivered from the cloud. It protects you from cyber security threats spanning viruses, hacking, and DDoS attacks, providing a consistent, high quality security solution with guaranteed SLAs for a cost effective monthly fee.

Deploying ICON Secure means theres no need to purchase, roll out, upgrade, patch, maintain or configure any hardware – our leading security experts handle this for you. Our service focuses on what really matters to you: protecting all internet traffic, users and devices around the clock.

ICON Secure delivers instant and measurable value across your organisation by:

  • Minimising your exposure to cyber-crime whilst maintaining GDPR compliance
  • Relieving the pressure on your own IT people so they can focus on transformation projects
  • Leveraging best-of-breed security products and solutions from an industry leader
  • Ensuring you protect your end-users and systems to keep your business running.