SIP and the move to the cloud

In this age of cloud-based information, even our telephone numbers are beginning to tell lies for us.

Picture the scene for a moment if you will: it’s a warm Friday afternoon and there’s a consensus that people will soon be heading out of the office and to the bar next door – which has WiFi!

This means that you can see the vital email from that customer you were waiting for and, when it lands in your inbox, read it. You can even use your laptop to set up a call with the customer to clarify a detail, and because of the wonders of modern communications, the telephone number the customer sees on his mobile screen is that of your desk phone.

The customer does not know that you are not at your desk, or in the office.

The customer does not know that you are not even in Manchester – you are in fact in Barcelona, and it is not 17:15 but actually 18:15.

Finally, the customer doesn’t know that the office in Manchester closed last year and you’ve been based at home for the last eight months. Now, your nearest office is in Birmingham, where you go once a month for a team meeting.

People are working from home, and offices all over the world are shrinking as desks become ‘hot’ rather than permanent.

Part of this evolution is the move from traditional exchange lines and ISDN to new voice over IP services, or SIP. This move has been partially aided by IP PBXs, which give greater flexibility and features over their traditional PBX brethren. These were designed to act as concentrators first, with multiple end-users per exchange line or channel and features coming later.

So, SIP allows us to keep telephone numbers that were once fiercely tied to a small geographic area – where a move 100 yards down the road could mean a change of exchange and therefore a change to all the telephone numbers. That was good news for printers, but not such good news for either those companies or their customers making such move.

We are in a world where all our applications and data is moving to the cloud, and in the same way we can work effectively in any location – no longer tied to a desk and a landline but able to communicate and collaborate effectively. To paraphrase Paul Jones – “wherever I lay my laptop – that’s my home.”

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