Connecting Your Potential with Unified Communications

The stigma around flexible working has almost vanished. Long gone are the days when everything had to be done from an office. Collaborative technologies including mobile and instant messaging have changed how, where, and when people expect to work. Now more than ever workers, rather than businesses, are influencing modern workplace practice and how businesses are run on a day-to-day basis.

At Maintel, we recently conducted a study with 1,000 working adults in the UK, ages 18 and over, to understand their flexible work preferences. The findings demonstrate that flexible work really is the path forward:

  • 65 per cent of respondents said they are comfortable requesting remote work options
  • 58 per cent said that they would take advantage of the opportunity to spend less time in an office environment
  • 73 per cent believe their company has a good flexible work policy in place

With changes in employee expectations, there is added pressure on businesses to enable flexible working, while ensuring employee productivity doesn’t decrease. So what can businesses do to make flexible working really work for them?

Businesses’ management, policies, and IT systems must evolve as well. The real trailblazers are the employers that think creatively about their people first, and then use technology to enable those people to be successful. The most successful employers judge employees by outcomes rather than attendance, and ensure they give them tools they are happy to work with. To that end, it is important for businesses to ensure that their unified communications solutions will enable their agile workforce to be productive by making collaboration easier. Collaboration and connected tools must be intuitive, easy to use and unified with other communications services to offer the best service. The right unified communications strategy is a critical piece to enabling the workforce of today and in the future, and to ultimately help ensure business objectives are met.

More information on flexible working preferences among employed adults in the UK and effective strategies to implement unified communications solutions can be found in our report here.