A Cisco Gold Blend

It was another busy Friday afternoon and I was looking for a sugar kick, so I made my way to the vending machine when there, staring right at me out of the vending machine compartment was something of beauty… two of my favourite things fused together: a KitKat and New York Cheesecake. What a stroke of genius! Something that the market must have demanded, so it became reality.

I excitedly put my money in, collected my prize and headed back to my desk in anticipation of the delights ahead. At a moment of serenity during my second dunk (yes, I am a dunker), something dawned on me…

We are now well into the integration of Intrinsic and Maintel and like my snack of choice, we have two complementary elements being fused together to deliver a something that the marketplace has been demanding for some time.

For many years Intrinsic and Maintel have been  delivering products and services to their respective customer bases (and in some cases competing directly), but fundamentally each has a unique selling point and are market leaders in their own specific use cases.

As technology continues to converge, customers across all sectors and verticals are demanding more from their technology partners as they struggle to provide a complete suite of technology and services to support the delivery of business outcomes.

Some are demanding cloud, some on-premise and some hybrid solutions – all delivered with a comprehensive deployment and support service wrap. Technologies such as borderless networks, connectivity, security, telephony, intelligent routing and switching, mobility and delivering omni-channel access to customers are in demand like never before. Customers are also requesting that technology partners come up with new and innovative ways to help them migrate to fully managed services, paid for on a consumption-based model with an element of shared risk.

So what does this mean for the new Maintel?

People are the primary key in being able to deliver these solutions – people who can provide the necessary technical capabilities to consult, design, deploy and support the integrated technologies like Cisco, Avaya and Fortinet that enable the customer to deliver real value to their end customers.

The new Maintel now has what was once the missing New York Cheesecake, and can now deliver a whole new sweet (pun intended) of industry-leading converged technologies and services.