Mobile management tips

Using too much data? Your mobile devices could be burning through your data allowance without you even realising – costing your business money.

One main culprit is often misconfiguration. The second is misuse – even when idle, the phone is still working away in the background, eating up data without you knowing.

Here, we share our tips on optimising mobile data usage within your organisation. Always be sure to cinsider the following:

  • Ensure operating system updates will download only when connected to Wi-Fi
  • Disable app updates so they update over Wi-Fi only
  • Restrict background data usage. Disable background app refresh. This can also conserve battery life
  • Disable Wi-Fi assist-style features that use mobile data when Wi-Fi connectivity is limited
  • Disable backups of documents and photos to the cloud over a cellular connection
  • Restrict streaming and downloading of music and podcasts to Wi-Fi only
  • For some users, consider a complete mobile data bar at cellular network level