Mobile management software: what you should be looking for?

With more of us on the move, the challenges presented in keeping your workforce mobile can leave IT managers scratching their heads.

Issues around compliance, cost management and usage policies can quickly turn mobile management into a headache.

It’s little surprise, then, that switched- on businesses are turning to specialist tools to ensure optimised costs and consistent administration.

If you’re looking to streamline and simplify the provision of mobile devices across your business, here are some features and functions you should be looking for in mobile management software:

  • Master inventory and data management – maintaining a single database of all users, permissions, assets, cost centres and more.
  • Simple user admin – making it easy for admin teams to add and change users directly.
  • Easy asset and device management – complete visibility into users, assets, data usage
  • and more.
  • Cost management – bill alerts and easy-to-access bill information.
  • Tariff management – understanding tariffs and optimising data plans.
  • Policy governance – user alerts, line manager access and reporting on non-compliance.
  • Business intelligence – software with flexible reporting capabilities.

Maintel’s Telecoms Management Suite is a package of cloud-based software geared towards helping businesses meet the challenges of enterprise mobility head-on. As well as helping teams to better manage mobile assets and policy adherence day-to-day, Maintel TMS also helps companies ensure their mobility strategy is geared to evolve with the business with trends and future requirements analysis.

Maintel TMS can be extended to include other telecoms services across your business, including fixed line bills, hosted voice, cloud services and multi-site PBX call management.

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