How to protect your mobile device from malicious apps?

How would you know if you had downloaded a malicious or rogue application to your mobile device?

Traditionally, the computer has always been seen as more of a target for hackers than your mobile device. But things are changing fast. What are the threats to look out for and what measures can you take to secure your devices? 

In the cyberwar against hackers, it’s generally accepted that your mobile is safer than your computer. But as mobile device adoption explodes, hackers are continuously searching for new ways to exploit your device.

Here are some examples of threats to your mobile:

  • Stagefright: targets Android devices through infected MMS messages
  • Keyraider: steals confidential data from jailbroken devices
  • YiSpecter: can modify, install and launch iOS apps without the user’s permission
  •  XcodeGhost: targets iOS devices through infected App Store apps

Malicious software has seized control of more than one million Google accounts since August last year.

So what can you do about protecting your mobile device?

At Maintel, we believe that mobile device management and mobile security software can help eliminate many of these threats. With commercial applications playing such a mainstream role, tools have features to ensure only regulated apps can access official data.

MaaS360® Mobile Threat Management, for example, allows you to detect, analyse and remediate enterprise malware on mobile devices. This can detect apps with malware signatures and malicious behaviour from a continually updated database (on select Android devices).

McAfee Multi Access, meanwhile, is a multi-device, cross- platform solution which protects the user’s on and offline activities from cyber threats including loss, theft, viruses and spam. It supports all main platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and Mac) and protects multiple devices. You can install any combination of the five product licenses provided on any of your devices, and manage your security from a central location.

If you would like any further information on MaaS360® Mobile Threat Management or McAfee Multi Access products, then please contact  us.