Can you source all of your communication services from the cloud?

What are the opportunities and benefits of procuring your entire enterprise communications mix ‘as a Service’?

Making your people more effective and productive is a key aim for all businesses – and giving them simple, secure access to the right unified communications and collaboration tools helps you to achieve this.

But transforming your communications technology to take advantage of new ways of collaborating and the flexibility of the cloud is a complex challenge.

You can integrate these new technologies piecemeal into your existing setup, but this fragmented approach can create management headaches and a poor user experience.  Or you can invest in upgrading your technology (on-site, in the cloud or a hybrid) to a more modern, feature-rich UC platform, but this will mean a substantial up-front cost, challenges to make everything work together seamlessly and pressure to demonstrate clear ROI.

Alternatively you can deploy ‘Communications as a Service’ via the cloud and remove the many barriers to change. 

Unlock the benefits of the cloud and create a transformation in your communications.

The cloud enables you to quickly and easily deliver the functionality and capabilities you require, to where you need them.

More and more organisations are embracing an increasing range of communications and productivity services via the cloud, lured by the promise of increased flexibility and commercial savings from ‘as a Service’ consumption models.

A major trend in the communications market is the rise of Unified Communications as a Service (or UCaaS).  UCaaS is a tantalising proposition for CIOs who are looking to capitalise on the transformational properties of UC.  

UCaaS is defined as a delivery model in which a variety of communication and collaboration applications and services are outsourced to a third-party provider and delivered over an IP network.  It promises to deliver a communications solution which enables greater productivity from the latest technology and services, without geographic constraints, while removing the need for capital investment and all without the headache of managing equipment, networks or servers yourself. 

According to analysts Gartner: “There is an opportunity for IT planners to use UCaaS as a platform. It will enable them to move ahead with essential telephony upgrades and incorporate the collaboration tools as an integrated capability for equal or lower operating and management costs. They can do so without the upfront capital investment.”*

Moving from UCaaS to a complete cloud communication suite

But UCaaS is just the starting point.  UC services must be delivered seamlessly to every user across your company infrastructure to deliver the performance you need and avoid damaging the user experience.

UC platforms in themselves are simply one component of your enterprise communications (although a very crucial component).  They need the your local and wide area networks, both fixed and mobile, to be able to operate. They need the appropriate end user devices and they need the smooth operation and security of your apps, data and devices to be ensured at all times.  

What you need are a suite of comprehensive cloud services to enable your UC tools to deliver productivity gains and which also make it easier and more cost effective for you to consume the technology you need to transform your business communications.

Cloud services from Maintel - easy to use, easy to consume, and easy to pay for

At Maintel our ICON Services are a suite of ‘as a Service’ offerings which enable our customers to join all the pieces of the communications jigsaw together to build a complete, end-to-end, fully managed and secured communications solution.  

Our ICON services deliver a powerful range of flexible, secure and resilient communications capabilities, hosted and managed by us in the Maintel Cloud.  They include unified communications, contact centre, networks, mobile devices and application management offerings.  You can select one or multiple ICON services depending on your specific challenges and requirements.

  • ICON Communicate delivers the core Unified Communications platform based on leading vendor technologies including Mitel or Microsoft’s Skype for Business. 
  • ICON Contact provides the option of adding in fully featured PCI Compliant multi-channel Contact Centre functionality. 
  • ICON Connect provides a secure, reliable private MPLS WAN connectivity to multiple locations as well as traditional PSTN breakout. 
  • ICON Mobilise brings end user devices, airtime and full Mobile Managed Services into the mix.  It enables you to adopt a multi-device, multi-OS policy with the management, security and connectivity all handled by us.
  • ICON Secure delivers a fully managed, 'always-on' enterprise-level network security service with a range of top tier security features to prevent any cyberattack on your business with an in depth, multi-layered approach. 

ICON Services enable Maintel customers to build a cloud communications service to suit their needs on a flexible, per user payment model with the simplicity of a single supplier.  

We host the services within our own cloud, which has been designed from the outset to deliver real-time communications. Whether you take one or multiple ICON services, we can tailor the technology, integration, management, SLAs and delivery to match your specific requirements and help you achieve the outcomes your organisation needs.

We provide regular reports on our performance, and because our services are based on ITIL processes, PRINCE2 project methodology and ISO27001 security, you can relax knowing that we’re delivering a robust service to your people.

So if you’re looking for a supplier who can quite literally provide every component in the quest for Unified Communications nirvana, delivering it and managing it ‘as a Service’ with the flexibility of the cloud - then look no further than Maintel.