Statement regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - Maintel

Statement regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Following the Russian Government invasion of Ukraine, Maintel have assessed the risk of actions in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus with regard to Maintel operations.

In accordance with ISO27001 and in line with NCSC guidance we continue to take appropriate steps to protect ourselves, our customers and partners data and systems.

Maintel are based on mainland UK and Ireland only, and have no operational business, staff or contractors based in Russia or Belarus, nor do Maintel work directly with customers headquartered in Russia or Belarus for the provision of products or services.

Maintel Security Operations Centre and IT Department carry out a range of ongoing checks and business continuity tests to ensure security and operational continuance in accordance with ISO 27001 – Information Security, ISO22301 – Business Continuity, Cyber Essentials Plus and PCI-DSS.

The national Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) have published guidelines and practical steps that can be taken to ensure security is improved during periods of heightened cyber threat.

It is recommended that organisations carry out the actions outlined by the NCSC and ensure that the most fundamental security measures are in place.

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