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On-Demand: ICON Lockdown Series Teams Connector

The first installment of our Lockdown webinar series, covers the Maintel Partner Services launch of Teams Connector for #Resellers, enabling channels to earn high margins from selling calling plans to #MicrosoftTeams users.

This on-demand session will enable #resellers to discover new techniques of how to future-proof their #contactcentre proposition for customers aided with #ICON Contact technology for Partners.

Maintel Partner Services: ICON UCaaS for Resellers

The third installment of our Lockdown webinar series, which covers the ICON #UCaaS for #Resellers, enabling channels to earn high margins from selling ICON #UCaaS to users.

On-Demand Covid19 Stories

Mitel's Shameem Smillie joins Chris Bain to discuss the Future of Work - Post Covid19

14 MAY 2020 – In this two part webinar series, we will be reviewing various methods of providing self-service and using digital deflection to support customers and preserve service levels. 

Craig Sims of CCNA sits down with Chris Bain remotely to discuss cultural invention in healthcare

16 MAY 2020Craig Sims, Co-Managing Director at CCNA | Converged Communication Network Applications in Australia, outlines how they are enabling rapidly changing workplace shifts, and explains how operational necessity could be the mother of cultural invention in healthcare.

Erika Simon of VOX Network join's Chris Bain to discuss effective business planning during Covid19

18 MAY 2020 – Erika Simon, Director of #Business Development at #VOX Network Solutions talks from home in Colorado #USA, about the importance of effective ecosystems from manufacturers (in this case Avaya) to operatives.

Shane Hosey from Nectar Services joins Chris Bain to look at how the Pandemic has impacted tech & CX

20 MAY 2020 – Shane Hosey, SVP at Nectar Services Corp. explains how global technology customers are having to rapidly decentralise their geographic customer engagement, and how this exponentially increases the potential points of failure.

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