Managed services

Ensuring your solutions are always-on, and always delivering

Give your customers the confidence that their communications estates are not only available, but subject to the same service levels, quality and rigorous checks that you deploy across other areas of their business. By building Maintel’s managed services in to your customer propositions, you can not only ensure your customers’ core infrastructure and applications are actively maintained and supported, but that they’re being fully optimised and delivering benefits and ROI across the business.

Experts in managing legacy infrastructure and new deployments

Maintel’s managed services span four distinct areas:

Support services – maintenance and reactive support, typically demonstrated by ticket management within an SLA and first and second line support from our Network Operations Centre.

Operational services – software updates, monitoring and proactive support, alarm management and provisioning, typically demonstrated by availability and/or uptime.

Business services – cost management, supply management, security and policy implementation, and regulatory oversight such as PCI compliance and implementation.

Insight services – providing customer insights and opportunity identification through snapshot audits, short-term analysis and ongoing monitoring of entire ICT estates across multiple manufacturers and geographies.

Our expertise across the spectrum allows us to support both legacy infrastructure and newer deployments.

  • New deployments: we work with your teams to understand your customer needs and design, deploy and manage new communications solutions. Our managed services for new deployments cover all manufacturers, including all four UC vendors in Gartner's Magic Quadrant, as well as globally-leading networking, workforce optimisation and contact centre companies.
  • Legacy estates: we can provide continued support for legacy technology, either on a long-term basis to enable you to take-on the support of a platform under a wider contract, or as part of a transformation plan enabling you to bring existing support in to contract, reducing time to cash and removing competitive threat.

The benefits of Maintel managed services

Accessing Maintel’s managed services unlock a range of benefits, including the ability to:

  • Take on support projects of all shapes and sizes for your customers
  • Wrap our capabilities around your own services to extend your offering
  • Easily identify and capture new business opportunities
  • Better understand your customer estates, enabling you to identify new opportunities, add value and offer savings and improvements
  • Access insight services to help you turn customer data into opportunities and opportunities into sales
  • Enable customers to plan for their future, justify expenditure and savings
  • Manage a complete communications fleet for your customers.

Differentiating your proposition

Maintel’s insight services are an integral part of our managed service delivery, providing unparalleled visibility across you customers’ communications estate. Armed with this data and our insight reports and recommendations, you can demonstrate real ongoing value, highlight trends, issues and concerns to your customers and provide qualified opportunities to your sales team.

Our insight services help you differentiate your proposition by:

  • Reducing the cost of identifying opportunities
  • Easily demonstrate ROI
  • Providing proactive insights and recommendations
  • Differentiating your services proposition
  • Identify opportunities before customers are aware
  • Reducing competitive risk
  • Increasing the probability of retaining accounts.

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