Mark Townsend revokes his resignation as Chief Financial Officer

The Company is pleased to announce that Mark Townsend has revoked his resignation as Chief Financial Officer as announced on 4 March 2019. 


22nd July 2019

by Maintel

As a result, Mark will remain in the position of Chief Financial Officer and retain his seat on the Board of the Company. 

Mark has continued to work with the Company during his 6-month notice period and is therefore well-positioned to continue in the role.

Pursuant to his re-appointment, Mark has been issued and allotted 14,591 new ordinary shares of 1 pence each (“Ordinary Shares”). In addition, a further 10,000 new Ordinary Shares will be allotted to Mark on 10 April 2020 and subsequently issued, subject to his continued employment. Following the issue of the 14,591 new Ordinary Shares, Mark Townsend will have a direct interest in 15,873 Ordinary Shares representing 0.11% of the issued share capital of the Company.

 In addition to this, Mark has been issued an option over 15,000 Ordinary Shares in the Company under the Company’s 2015 Long-Term Incentive Plan at market value with an exercise price of 446 pence per Ordinary Share. The option has a 3-year vesting period and is not subject to any performance criteria. The existing option over 15,000 Ordinary Shares, issued to Mark on 10 April 2017 under this scheme, has been cancelled.

 John Booth, Chairman of the Company commented: “We are delighted that Mark has decided to continue with his role as Chief Financial Officer. Given his in-depth knowledge of the Company, we are pleased that he will continue to work alongside management and that the Company as a whole will benefit from his experience and expertise.”