Maintel launches ICON Teams Connector for Microsoft Teams

15th April 2020

by Maintel

As businesses of all sizes embrace Teams as their preferred collaboration application, they now want to add external voice calling to their deployment. The ICON Teams Connector is a hosted service that connects Microsoft Teams to the public switch telephony network (PSTN) using Microsoft’s Direct Routing technology. Businesses can then leverage Microsoft Teams to make and receive external calls without requiring Microsoft Calling Plans or their own on-premises equipment.

ICON Teams Connector is a more flexible, accessible and cost-effective solution than Microsoft Calling Plans. It enables businesses to rapidly adapt to the changing habits of the workforce Once connected and configured, users can make and receive calls to landlines and mobile phones using Microsoft Teams on their PC or mobile devices. This enables staff to work remotely while communicating and collaborating just as they would when in an office.

Unlike an on-premises system, which can take weeks to set up, ICON Teams Connector can in some cases be up and running in days if not hours. To do this, Maintel hosts a Microsoft Teams-certified Session Border Controller (SBC) within their ICON network, which they then connect to their telecommunication provider and the customers Microsoft Phone System environment.

The service offers a simple and quick deployment without a large cost overhead. The multi-tenanted service can be implemented by a sub-section of the workforce, with the option to scale up to thousands by just adding more licensing.

ICON Teams Connector builds upon the many years of experience and knowledge that Maintel has of designing, implementing, supporting and managing complex voice and data networks for their clients. By combining a cloud-managed SBC with cost-effective calling plans, Maintel can deliver a fully managed service that will dramatically cut down on call costs and improve the productivity of Teams users.

Dan Davies, Chief Technology Officer at Maintel, commented:

“The ‘Holy Grail’ of the digital workplace has been a single platform that supports calls, emails, video conferencing, document sharing, presence and chat. Teams possesses most of these requirements, however, until recently didn’t have the ability to make calls like a traditional telephony system. ICON Teams Connector adds this essential element to the other capabilities of Teams.

“The growth of remote working is only set to boost the need for efficient communication and collaboration solutions. Companies must have the appropriate solutions in place to ensure there is no drop off in productivity. Having a cloud-based platform that enables the workforce to communicate efficiently is set to be a must.

“Direct Routing with Maintel provides a simple but bespoke service to meet most business requirements. The ICON Teams Connector not only removes the headaches that previously accompanied integrating a new telephony system but much of the costs.”


About Maintel 

Maintel is a cloud and managed services company with a focus on communications. Its people are experienced, trusted technology advisors, who improve their clients’ organisations through digital transformation.

Founded in 1991, Maintel has a proven track record of delivering communications solutions and services to both the private and public sector. In that time, the company has gained the expertise to solve the challenges associated with digital initiatives, and its managed services approach ensures clients realise the full value of their technology.

This is achieved by specialising in three key pillars of digital transformation: making organisations more effective, efficient, and collaborative with digital workplace solutions; allowing organisations to acquire, develop, and retain more business by using technology to create more meaningful customer experiences through outstanding service; ensuring organisations’ employees, customers, and partners always have seamless access to their data and applications through reliable, secure connectivity.

Ongoing growth of Maintel’s cloud and managed services offerings continues to allow the company to keep supporting the increasing demands of the market.

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