Keltbray needed to relocate its head office to accommodate for expansion and an increase in staff numbers. A key challenge facing Maintel was supporting Keltbray in the tight timescales set for the office move, eliminating any impact on day-to-day business.

Maintel was part of a multi-disciplinary delivery model including a number of other Keltbray suppliers, all with strict deadlines, and Maintel worked as a successful integrated team matching inter-dependencies to deliver on time.

The solution

As Keltbray’s communications platform was out of support, Maintel proposed Avaya IP Office 500 as the best solution to meet requirements. The software is easy to enhance and upgrade, giving Keltbray the confidence that its investment was secure in a featurerich solution capable of expanding as the business evolves. The solution also provides remote working capabilities that utilise the VPN connection to Keltbray’s remote sites. Providing a secure log in to the system from anywhere in the world meant that Keltbray didn’t have to purchase additional equipment to enable remote working. 

Maintel provided Keltbray with a complete offering including a feature-rich communications platform and one point of contact for support and services. Maintel worked closely with other suppliers to deliver the project successfully and on schedule. 

On the go-live date Maintel provided onsite support and end-user training to support the telephony deployment. Following project completion, Maintel provides ongoing support to Keltbray and as the IP Office platform is issued with regular updates that can be performed by Keltbray’s own team, the need for engineering work is greatly reduced. 

To minimise disruption to the business Keltbray decided to explore SIP technology to reduce cost and enable the company to retain contact numbers. The installation of Maintel’s telephony solution met all of Keltbray’s requirements, with installation and commissioning completed and the new site ready for service just a month later.

The benefits

  • Platform to utilise SIP and IP
  • Manufacturer supported
  • Reduced support costs
  • Flexible communications architecture that can address business needs
  • A solution which can be enhanced by voice applications to further improve operational efficiencies.

Keltbray continues to work in close partnership with Maintel to develop its communications strategy, including expanding its Avaya architecture and integrating other Keltbray locations.

“Maintel’s support during the move was excellent and the migration ran very smoothly.

The company now has an exceptionally workable communication platform which goes beyond what we initially thought was achievable.

Being able to work remotely and securely has had a positive impact on the productivity of our employees’, and the service we can give to our customers is second to none.” says Thea.