Corporate Governance

Maintel Group

Corporate Governance Statement

As Chairman of the Maintel Group Board, it is my responsibility to ensure that the Board is performing its role effectively and has the capacity, ability, structure, and support to enable it to continue to do so.

We believe that a sound and well-understood governance structure is essential to maintain the integrity of the Group in all its actions, to enhance performance and to impact positively on our shareholders, staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

After due consideration, Maintel has adopted the QCA Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”) as the benchmark for measuring our adherence to good governance principles.



These principles provide us with a clear framework for assessing our performance as a Board. We describe, how we apply the Code's ten guiding principles in practice on pages 34 to 41 of Maintel's 2018 Annual Report.

I take overall responsibility for compliance with the Code and justifying any divergence from it.

The board will continue to develop its governance processes in the coming year. 

John Booth



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