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Our Insight Secure service combines sophisticated cyber assessment tools with expert security knowledge to relieve the pain of securing your business against cyber threats.




"All businesses have an obligation to prove security due diligence to customers, investors, and regulators."

Insight Secure is a suite of consultancy and security services that provide organisations with the intelligence they need to protect their valuable data and to aid the planning and development of their cyber security management.

The end-to-end service takes a holistic approach, with Maintel’s team of Certified Threat Intelligence Analysts assessing and advising on cyber security, alongside staff awareness training to educate employees on key security procedures.

Security is a critical priority for businesses of all sizes, with around a third (32%) of companies having experienced a security breach or attack in the last 12 months, as stated in 2019’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey. According to this research, attacks were especially high amongst medium (60%) to large (61%) sized businesses. Yet, smaller organisations also can’t be ignored

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Vulnerability Assessment

Highly skilled cyber security consultants scan for known vulnerabilities and
verify security best practice.

Penetration Testing

CREST-accredited consultants apply robust methodologies to deliver thorough penetration testing assessments.

Compliance Assurance

Verify that your systems and processes comply with all the latest industry compliance standards, such as CyberEssentials and PCI DSS.

Compliance Training

Hosted on our Learning Management System (LMS), and accessible from
anywhere, at any time.

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