Innovation Without Constraint: Develop Despite Disruptions with Flexible Payment Solutions


22nd October 2020

by Robert Jones

Head of Strategic Alliances at Maintel

2020 has been a challenging year for many of us. The ongoing pandemic has had an impact on not only our personal plans but also, unsurprisingly, on the business plans of many organisations too. However, even though businesses continue to reopen and attempt to rebuild some sense of stability, ongoing disruptions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic may have impacted budgets significantly. 

After all, expenses you can’t predict can wreak havoc on carefully made plans. In fact, as Cisco reports, 35% of business owners cite unforeseen expenses as their main financial challenge 

That old saying, time awaits no man, rings true, however. Despite these disruptions, customer and market demands remain significant. As such, it’s important that your business doesn’t fall behind and can continue to invest in digital transformation to remain competitive and meet expectations in spite of unprecedented change.

 But how can you continue to drive business outcomes, accelerate innovation, and adapt to market dynamics in the face of uncertainty and potential budget changes? The answer lies in flexible payment solutions.  

Many tech providers are currently offering flexible payment solutions to enable customers to invest in necessary digital transformationExtreme Networks highlights the importance for businesses to be able to innovate without budget constraints, especially when time is of the essence. This is where flexible leases and financing options, tailored to your business, come in.  


What are the benefits of flexible leases and financing tailored to your business needs?  

When an uncertain economic future lies ahead, flexible leases and financing present your business with the opportunity to have an IT infrastructure ready and capable of managing rapid change as, and when, required.  

Unsure of what this means for your business? Key benefits include:  

  • Conservation of capital for business needs, ensuring you remain competitive without restraint, and allowing for your budget to go further.  
  • Acquisition costs are spread over time, and are much more predictable  
  • Faster adoption of newer technologies, whilst eliminating the burden of ownership  
  • Easily accessible upgrade opportunities, often with unlimited upgradability  
  • Increased agility, flexible consumption, and on-demand scalability   

Working with providers, such as Maintel and our partners, to find flexible finance solutions means you will be able to invest in your IT infrastructure now. Avoid large upfront capital costs and conserve much needed cash in your business with flexible leases and financing tailored to your business.  

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