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Simplify operations, enhance productivity and connectivity, reduce costs; transform how you deliver social housing services to citizens with our secure, integrated solutions.

Enhance the tenant service experience, drive operating efficiency, and improve employee engagement.

Improve customer service, increase operational efficiency  

The need for social housing in the UK has never been greater, homelessness is on the rise and the supply of affordable housing is low.

Social housing organisations are actively seeking ways to harness digital technology, driven by greater financial pressure, the need to manage the change to Universal Credit, and rising tenant expectations.




To deliver a quality service, housing organisations need to improve tenant engagement and drive operating efficiencies. Implementing innovative communications technology can make a significant difference to both challenges.

Maintel Social Housing Solutions

Improve the tenant experience

Service experience is paramount for social housing organisations. Tenants now expect as keen a focus on customer experience and value as they would from other commercial transactions. So, interactions must be easy, informative, support vulnerable and disadvantaged people, and be available through a range of contact channels.

Tenants anticipate quality accommodation services, the ability to easily contact their provider and rapid resolution of their issues when things go wrong. Utilising technology that can provide information, handle calls efficiently and improve collaboration through technology integration enhances the tenant experienceOur communication solutions are designed to help engage, inform, and serve customers across a range of channels.  

Enhance employee engagement

Engaged, productive, and digitally enabled employees are key to ensuring delivery of a quality housing service. Providers also need to attract, retain, and motivate employees. The workplace experience can be significantly improved by providing easy access to information and remote working with collaboration tools. In addition, the complex nature of social housing ecosystems, means that many agencies must be able to seamlessly communicate with each other to provide a quality and integrated service. 

We are well positioned to respond to these requirements by designing and implementing communications technology from a range of trusted partners, from telecoms providers, equipment manufacturers, and security software vendors, we can create an efficient communications ecosystem. 

Protecting customer data

Social housing providers typically handle sensitive tenant information, so any loss of personal data is unacceptable. Ensuring that there is protection from today’s vulnerabilities and from tomorrows threats is essential. Network security, intrusion protection, and virus detection and removal are important considerations for all departments.

We have extensive experience of protecting social housing providers by implementing security solutions from a wide range of vendors.  ICON Secure is a fully managed, always-on security service delivered from the Maintel cloud. It protects housing providers from cyber security threats including viruses, hacking, piracy and DDoS attacks. 

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The latest technology can help to improve staff morale, increase motivation, and enhance productivity by relieving employees from repetitive tasks and automating processes.

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