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Connect, integrate and digitally transform your organisation, improve productivity and support teams in the delivery of secure, efficient, effective local services.

Improve public engagement, increase service agency integration, and drive smart city initiatives, with innovative communications technology.

The City of the Future is Multi-Channel

Millions rely on the essential public services, but their needs are changing. They are gradually moving away from rural areas and by 2030, 92% of the UK’s population is anticipated to live and work in cities.

The public now expect to communicate with their local council via multiple channels, which are easy, to use and available at all times. The customer service benchmark has been set high by the global internet giants and excellent mobile app experiences. 

Improving operating productivity is a key priority for local government organisations. Funding is decreasing, public expectations are higher than ever, and agencies need to collaborate to provide a quality service. Driving digital transformation can yield significant operational efficiency and help create the city of the future. 

Maintel Local Government Solutions

Improve engagement

Quality engagement with the public and the wider community is essential. The range of messages, content and interaction is wide and driving efficiency through digital self-service is a priority. People now anticipate the same focus on customer experience and value as they would from other common commercial transactions.  

These interactions can be dramatically improved across multiple touchpoints, from online to automated services, through the provision of instant and relevant information. Many people still expect to contact their council by phone, for example. Efficiencies here can be gained by leveraging call centre technology to match enquiries with the relevant department.  We can bring together standard products to solve common challenges or develop bespoke software to connect CRM and contact centre applications. 

Enable smart city connectivity

High-speed, secure, and always available digital connectivity is essential to enable the smart cities of today. From 5G, to public Wi-Fi, and gigabit internet access, our portfolio of communications solutions and trusted partners meets the demanding requirements of the modern city environment. 

We have extensive experience in supporting local government organisations by implementing city wide secure connectivity. For example, ICON Connect is a managed network service, delivering secure, reliable, and dependable access, allowing business critical data to continue to flow smoothly. 

Enhance employee engagement

Local governments typically integrate many different agency services and are dependent on good employee collaboration to operate efficiently. So, highly engaged, productive, and digitally enabled teams are key to ensuring delivery of a quality service. Increasing employee engagement is therefore a top priority for local councils. 

We are well positioned to respond to these requirements by designing and integrating collaboration and communications technology from a range of trusted partners. Our vendor independence allows the selection of the right technology for the unique challenges of the local government environment.  



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