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Maintel has a proud tradition of providing the public sector with managed cloud and IT services. We’ve helped over 300 public sector organisations to address the growing need for digital transformation, covering hundreds of thousands of employees.

Enhance the patient experience by improving communication, increasing operational efficiency, and providing secure, seamless access to critical data. 

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Healthcare provision is undergoing significant change, there are greater demands from government and rising expectations from the public. 

Driving clinician productivity and enhancing patient interaction through digital transformation is now a priority. Healthcare providers need to transform their communication and collaboration systems if they are to meet the needs of their staff and, more importantly, their patients.

By embracing digital transformation and updating operating models, the healthcare sector can enhance patient outcomes and increase value for money. Maintel not only understand the available innovative and relevant technology, but can also translate it into practical, readily implementable solutions.

Maintel Healthcare Solutions

Patient experience is key to success

Patient experience is a key component of any healthcare service. Patients generally want to spend as little time as possible in hospital and therefore anything that can ensure a rapid and effective visit is welcome.  Enabling easy appointment settings and amendments, ensuring availability of information provided during admittance, and supporting the efficiency of patient-staff interaction, can significantly improve patient feedback.

We work with partners to help speed-up patient care and clinical efficiency. This is achieved by deploying applications and services such as unified communications, contact centres, workforce optimisation, security, mobility, connectivity services and document solutions. 


A digital workplace is a productive one

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are also workplaces that must cater for both the needs of their patients and their staff. Employees often spend most of their working lives within a clinic or hospital, so access to timely information and tools that enable productivity can have a huge impact on their workplace experience.

Protecting patient data is essential

Lack of a coherent security strategy and data protection solutions conforming to best practices could result in data loss and negative exposure for organisations. One challenge healthcare services face is that critical data is not always readily available, It often exists in siloes and security processes are not always robust.  

Balancing the accessibility of data with the protection of it, is critically important, as healthcare services are responsible for handling highly confidential information, which must also be readily available to staff when required. Providing a reliable and secure system for accessing and handling data is therefore essential. 

We have extensive experience of protecting healthcare organisations by implementing security solutions from a wide range of innovative and trusted vendors. Our suite of security products and services can protect and mitigate data loss, as well as detect intrusion and prevent system breaches.

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