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Improve new student clearing, create an engaging digital learning environment, and deliver value from your ICT assets

Improve quality of learning and the student experience

Attracting, engaging, and securing new students is critical for education organisations. Competition is fierce and student expectations are higher than ever, but digital transformation can positively impact the learning experience and drive value. 

Digital Transformation in Education

Innovation has an important part to play in almost every aspect of the education system, from relieving staff from repetitive tasks to automating processes throughout the Higher and Further Education ecosystems.

Automation can reduce administrative tasks and free up teaching resources to allow greater time with students and thereby improve the quality of learning. Maintel delivers communication solutions that help education organisations increase productivity, reduce cost, and improve the student experience by leveraging innovative digital technology. 




Maintel Education Solutions

Student experience is key to success

The way that students choose courses and apply for places is changing and clearing is now a more prominent process. Using cutting edge communications technology can help to cost effectively simplify student contact, expand channels, and increase digital communication, providing instant access to information. Implementing large scale, highly resilient platforms – specifically designed to handle high call volumes – will improve the clearing process.

Maintel’s infrastructure is complemented by the latest intelligent call handling technology which ensures enquiries are handled efficiently, and agents have access to key course information. We source trusted telecoms providers, equipment manufacturers, and call centre specialists to create resilient and effective contact centre solutions. Additionally we can manage and monitor networks in real time to establish performance utilising an in-house service and support capability.

A digital learning environment is an efficient one

Educational organisations typically have significant administrative operations, employ a high number of staff, and deal in large amounts of information. They also provide a workplace for staff and students, so ensuring that the environment is engaging, productive, and secure is critical to the education sector.

Maintel’s digital workplace products, combined with connectivity and service capabilities, are ideally suited to meet the needs of education organisations. By leveraging commercial sector experience and bringing digital technology and knowledge to bear, the student experience can be transformed, and the staff working environment enriched. We are well positioned to respond to these requirements by designing and integrating communications technology from a range of trusted partners. In addition our vendor independence enables the selection of the right technology for the unique challenges of the education environment. 

Secure connectivity

Ensuring protection from today’s vulnerabilities and preparation for tomorrows threats is essential. Network security, intrusion protection, virus detection and removal are key requirements for all education establishments. Whilst most of the data handled by Higher and Further Education organisations is not highly targeted by cyber-crime, research universities deal with information that is highly commercially sensitive. As such, lessons learned from protecting enterprise clients are particularly valuable.

Maintel has extensive experience of protecting education organisations by implementing security solutions from a wide range of vendors. Maintel’s ICON Secure is a fully managed, always-on security service delivered from the Maintel cloud, protecting education from cyber security threats including content-filtering, viruses, hacking, piracy and DDoS attacks. 

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