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18th August 14:30pm -15:00pm 

26th August 11:00am – 11:30am

Location: Virtual Event


With the number of contact centre agents working remotely higher than ever before, it’s vital for financial organisations to ensure that their teams are well connected, feel empowered, and remain fully supported despite the unusual circumstances.

We will be hosting a two-part webinar series that explores how you can prioritise your remote agent workers, helping them to feel confident that the services they’re providing – and tools they’re using – are secure, compliant, and enable responsible management of customer situations.

Webinar 1: Agent wellbeing & responsible customer management – looks to discuss the challenges faced by agents within Financial and Insurance organisations when supporting challenging and potentially vulnerable customers.  

Webinar 2: Addressing the challenges of remote CX workers & customer engagement will – focus more on the secure side of how contact centre agents can work remotely, and the measures that need to be in place to allow staff to work compliantly and efficiently to provide the service that customers expect and that regulations demand.


Featured Speakers:
Phil Strefford, Document Solutions Specialist at Maintel
Steve Goff, Cyber Security Specialist at Maintel
Ash McDonagh, Head of Learning & Development at Maintel
Derek Lewis, Head of Customer Experience at Maintel

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