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Callmedia CX Now is a contact centre solution which ensures that every interaction is matched with the right agent at the right time, every time. Built on over 20 years’ experience, it combines fully featured omni-channel contact management with a flexible cloud-based commercial and deployment model.

Key Callmedia CX Now benefits

Enable your staff to work anywhere

With Callmedia CX Now your agents can be based anywhere – fully supporting remote working, working in the contact centre or in a blend of both. The web-browser based agent desktop connects securely over the internet without requiring any complex setup, and voice calls can be delivered over the internet direct, the browser, over the standard telephone network to any land-line or mobile, to your existing PBX or can connect directly with Microsoft Teams.

Improving customer experience by enhancing agent performance

Organisations are now seeking to improve their customer engagement. This means expanding communication channels, accelerating enquiry resolution, and creating a highly productive agent environment. Callmedia CX Now ensures that an agent’s time is optimised and delivers the maximum value for the organisation, which is essential for an efficient contact centre operation.

Handling an enquiry effectively, with a well-motivated and engaged agent, delivers a much better customer experience. The dynamic contact handling tools, including email management and multi-session web-chat; including the ability to escalate a chat to co-browse, video calling and page pushes, enables your agent to get the right result for the customer in one flexible interaction

Reducing cost through efficient enquiry handling

Customers want their contact with you to be easy and efficient. Callmedia CX Now excels at omni-channel customer interaction, optimising your customer experience and agent productivity, whatever the channel. Its excellent outbound capability even includes the ability to automatically switch agents from inbound to proactive customer contact in quiet periods. 

Whether it is a sales enquiry or a technical support issue, routing it to the person with the right skills to handle the request – perhaps even to an agent with a prior relationship with the customer – results in a better customer outcome.

Excellence in management information

Measuring the performance of a contact centre is at the heart of a well-run operation. Understanding the customer’s journey is key to optimising their experience. Callmedia CX Now has a rich suite of tools for measuring, reporting, and displaying performance. Not to mention it easily interfaces with common contact centre technology and CRM systems. 

Callmedia CX Now has a full range of standard reports, including the ability to easily interrogate and export data to business intelligence tools. Additionally, real time information aids management decisions and engenders competition between agents. And in just the same way that agents can log on from anywhere, the same goes for supervisors and managers – via Callmedia CX Now’s web-based analytics portal


Seamless technology integration minimises business disruption

Callmedia CX Now is one of the easiest contact centre solutions available to use today. It readily integrates with a number of the popular CRM applications, is highly scalable, and can be integrated seamlessly into your existing processes and workflow. 

Maintel can bring together standard components to solve common challenges or develop software to connect line of business and contact centre applications. In addition, Maintel has extensive software engineering capabilities which can be used to undertake bespoke application integration projects.

Start your contact centre CX transformation journey

Whatever contact centre challenges you are facing, help is at hand. Maintel has experience in integrating and deploying omni-channel solutions to help organisations improve their customer experience and enhance productivity. 

From small to large projects, we can partner with you to create a customer contact transformation roadmap. We will audit your current technology and work with you to find an innovative solution to meet your contact centre needs and begin your CX cloud transformation.

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