Making customer contact effortless

As the UK’s appetite for property shows little sign of waning, estate agents and property firms must ensure their agents, property managers and employees are accessible wherever they are – whether that’s out of the office or spread across multiple branches. What’s more, as buyers and sellers alike choose digital as their primary touchpoint, it’s more important than ever that property companies are responsive across channels, around the clock.

This demands flexible, reliable solutions that enable teams to stay connected, collaborate, share information quickly and easily and adopt an agile approach to handling inbound enquiries. 

Joining up teams, wherever they are

Maintel enables property companies to stay one step ahead in an ever-changing market.

We have a long history of helping agents join up multi-site locations, and giving teams more efficient ways of staying in contact with each other, wherever they are.

Maintel enables companies to take advantage of the latest cloud-based technology with scalable solutions encompassing multi-channel contact, Wi-Fi and connectivity, video conferencing, managed networks and mobile devices.

What's more, we know loss of communications means loss of business, so our solutions are robust, reliant and resilient.

A holistic approach

We offer a one-stop-shop to consult, design, deliver and support the communications technology you need to deliver sales in a saturated market.

Our services have helped property companies benefit from:

  • Improved collaboration for seamless, streamlined deals
  • Greater connectivity, so your teams are always available wherever they are
  • Making your workforce mobile
  • Flexible, resilient WAN infrastructure that’s always-on with no downtime
  • Secure remote access for voice, UC and data services for disparate workers
  • More modern, cost effective SIP from legacy ISDN technology
  • Integration of multiple vendors, systems and solutions for simple management


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