Driving change with innovation

Founded on a pragmatic approach of driving costs down to fund technology change, we work closely with charities and not-for-profit organisations to build solutions that provide access to best-in-class technology while delivering value, keeping control of costs and improving customer service.

Keeping charities on the front foot

We’ve implemented leading-edge communication solutions across more than 3,000 sites with over 25,000 end points, helping charities and other organisations to:

  • Gain affordable access to innovative technology
  • Bring systems and process up-to-date
  • Deliver significant cost savings and keep operational costs as low as possible
  • Provide seamless, multi-channel customer service at all times
  • Ensure donations and transactions are seamless, every time
  • Become more agile to respond to government funding changes

What’s more, our portfolio of bespoke managed services mean that we take the hassle out of supporting and managing your communications infrastructure, leaving you to focus on what matters. 

Secure, cost effective solutions

We deliver UC solutions that help teams collaborate effectively, contact centres to support both fundraising initiatives and delivery of charity objectives and data networks to connect multiple sites, helping teams to work together and to reduce cost.

Whether creating a single point of contact for customer support, implementing multi-channel contact centre technology, delivering resilient networks or streamlining voice, data and mobile services, we help keep your teams connected in the most secure and cost effective way possible. Our industry-leading security solutions also ensure vulnerable clients’ data is protected at all times. 

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