Senior Software Developer

Senior Software Developer

JOB TITLE: Senior Software Developer
DEPARTMENT: Callmedia development

Job Purpose Statement:

To join a team of software developers working in an Agile environment to develop leading edge contact centre software.

The main product, Callmedia, is a multimedia blended contact centre product written using a range of technologies including C++, SQL, TSAPI, JTAPI, SIP and VoIP.

Areas of development may include Agent Desktop applications, Supervisor applications, solutions for voice, email, SMS, webchat, social media and Skype For Business.

Callmedia has a substantial customer base with new requirements constantly emerging requiring new product development.

Working relationships: 

Based on the overall account allocation for the relevant Enterprise team, you will be accountable for the following:

Callmedia SCRUM Team 

  • Daily Stand Up Meetings, Sprint Planning, Reviews and retrospective meetings


  • Tim Cottee will be the manager for this role.

Other members of the development, PS and support teams

  • Ad-Hoc meetings with to discuss technical product issues in new product development and relating to customer support issues.


  • Occasional direct customer contact when closely involved with projects.
  • Consuming customer feedback about product feature requests and suggestions.

Other external contacts

  • Development partners may include Microsoft, AVAYA, Mitel, Cisco, Aculab, Sytel

Job Accountabilities:

The delivery and maintenance of the software components for the Callmedia suite. This is to include:

  • Implementation of new features to Callmedia product range
  • Maintenance of existing code
  • Design and implementation of new software in line with the development plan.
  • Delivery of high-quality code
  • Testing of own and other colleagues code to ensure that the Callmedia solution is reliable.
  • Ensuring compatibility of new and maintained code to the Callmedia API.
  • Management of documentation including, but not limited to:
    • Pre-installation requirements
    • Installation
    • Product Configuration
    • Trouble-shooting and problem determination
  • Ensuring effective handover of product to QA team, Support, Professional Services.
  • Provide 3rd Line Support on the products
  • Attend Agile/SCRUM meetings

Specific Job Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Skills and Aptitudes:

  • Experience of developing Windows applications and DLLs using C++, ideally Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Communication Skills to enable effective teamwork
  • Good attention to detail
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Knowledge and experience of other languages such as C++, SQL, TSAPI, JTAPI, SIP and VoIP would also be useful.

Job knowledge :

  • Knowledge of development technologies, languages and methodologies.
  • Knowledge of internal development processes.
  • Knowledge of Agile/Scrum methodologies, techniques and tools
  • Working knowledge of one or more CTI protocols or APIs would be a considerable advantage
  • Knowledge of Call Centre and Telecoms industry technologies would be an advantage


At least 5 years’ experience of commercial software development, preferably in a time-critical environment.


Degree or equivalent in computer science or a related discipline combined with several years of commercial software development experience.

To apply, please send your CV to