10 things to consider when choosing a CX solution
to sell to your customers – Part 1

Chris Bain

5th May 2020

by Chris Bain

Channel Sales Director

Customer  Experience (CX) is undeniably more of a priority today than it ever has been before. As such, service providers and resellers must be sure they have the right CX solution for their customers.

 In this two-part series, we consider the top 10 considerations for resellers when choosing a CX solution. In the first 5 we concentrate on finding the right solution, and in the second blog we’ll look at what needs to be in place specifically for resellers. 

As more brands turn to CX s as a competitive differentiator and customer behaviour drives increasing use of digital channels, pure CCaaS providers are seeing significant growth at the expense of traditional and well-established contact centre vendors.

Cloud is a naturally better architecture for digital channels, deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, and to avoid painful refresh cycles. However, the cloud vendors have not yet matched their on-prem forebears for capability. With so much resting on the solutions you choose to fuel your CX proposition, what are the first things you should be considered during the review process?   

1. A strong track record in CX innovation and delivery
Any solution should offer rich routing and reporting capabilities, strong voice self-service and queue management, and demonstrable regulatory compliance. Any partner you adopt into your portfolio should enable c

2. Flexible deployment options, with the same product

How far should flexible deployment and solid feature sets be seen as a balancing act where the more you have of one, the less you can achieve of the other? Diluting investments you make in vendor platforms because they have compromised on roadmap and vision is unacceptable. You should look for a single platform with flexible deployment options to suit different customer requirements – on-prem, hybrid, CCaaS.

3. ICT ecosystem evolution, not revolution

Many customers will already have a long investment record, with communications and CX technology existing at different stages of an investment cycle and process integration. Future solutions need to provide a clear route to digital transformation and agile working but should have a capability to build on past investments – either through integration or process adoption.

4. Platform differentiation

You need a world class multi-channel routing engine for traditional voice and digital channels, that offers differentiating features; comprehensive APIs and an open-architecture, inbound and outbound campaign management with regulatory compliant dialler, is independent of telephony providers but integrates easily, and has a rich partner ecosystem. All of this being highly cost competitive and under-distributed. You should adopt a solution that has links into your existing technology investments and can introduce obvious upsell and cross-sell opportunity.

5. Flexible consumption and commercials

Your customers will see advantages in flexible models adapting to their own business planning and finances. As the key link in the supply chain, you should be able to offer flexibility and scalability of both customer consumption and commercial models, with predictable revenues and gainshare as customer needs evolve.

At Maintel we are seeking conversations with interested partners who want to develop their own CX practices, own their customer contractual and billing relationships, and want something different in their armouries. Building on 25 years of technology development, we will be holding a series of briefings to selected prospective partners – contact the Partner Services team for further details.

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