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Unified Communications

Unified Communications can transform your business, no matter what industry you are in or the size of your organisation. Unified Communications enables real-time collaboration providing an integrated combination of  voice, email, conferencing, video and instant messaging communication so you can improve the efficiency and productivity of your employees. 

What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is a way of structuring and organising a system that allows all communication methods used to be pulled together. Users depend on Unified Communications to manage all communication tools in one place, streamlining the way employees converse and correspond.

Bringing together voice, video, instant messaging, email, and conferencing capabilities, meaning that messages won’t be missed and opportunities won’t be lost.

Benefits of Unified Communications

Unified Communications allows users to effortlessly connect in a real-time making collaboration and trouble-shooting incredibly easy to facilitate. This helps to eliminate the back-and-forth nature of communication associated with methods such as email and voicemail. The ability to see when other users are available or online improves efficiency and saves time, while enabling you to grow your business and improve customer service.

  • Ease of collaboration
  • Easy remote access for users
  • Quicker call resolution in contact centres
  • Simplified billing

Maintel works in close partnership with leading providers of Unified Communications solutions, such as Avaya, Mitel and Unify and we can advise on a strategy suited to your business needs.

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