Health and safety Policy

The objective of this Policy is to ensure that the Duty of Maintel is to provide for the Health and Safety of Work of its employees and any others affected by its operations by applying positive control standards and provision of information, training and supervision as needed.

Employees Duties

  • To co-operate with any holder of Health and Safety Duties (contractors, other employers working at our premises, and other employers when working at their workplaces) as far as is necessary to enable to perform their duties.
  • Not to intentionally or recklessly, interfere with or misuse anything provided in the interests of Health and Safety.

Employer Duties

The company recognises the ultimate legal responsibility for Health and Safety. Accordingly the Chief Executive Officer accepts overall responsibility of Health and Safety implementation and formulation. In turn the levels of Management and Supervisory staff are responsible for carrying out those Health and Safety Duties placed upon them.

  • The Chief Executive Officer will ensure the safety plan includes sufficient resources for the successful implementation of Health and Safety Policy.
  • Safety within the Company will be given standing equal to other activities of the business.
  • The Company will appoint a Competent person/s to assist the Company Directors in implementing this Policy.
  • The Safety Managers role is to provide independent and authoritative advice to Managers with individual responsibilities for Health and Safety.

If you require any further information please contact our Health and Safety Officer.

Eddie Buxton
Chief Executive Officer