Securities Information

The Company has one class of security - Ordinary shares of 1p each - and these are traded only on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange. There are no restrictions on the transfer of these securities.

The number of shares in issue as at 07 August 2017 is 14,197,059. There are no shares held in Treasury.

The percentage of shares not in public hands (i.e. excluding the Directors' beneficial interests below, together with other shareholders holding more than 10% of the issued share capital) as at 07 August 2017 - 71.2%.

Director Number of Ordinary 1p Shares % of Issued Ordinary Shares
J D S Booth 3,336,123 23.5%
A J McCaffery 2,199,291 15.5%
N J Taylor 16,315 0.11%
E Buxton 5,083 0.04%
K Stevens 3,095 0.02%
S Legg 242 0.002%
M V Townsend 211 0.001%
A P Nabavi 198 0.001%
As trustees of the Maintel Share Incentive Plan (excluding directors' holdings) 47,139 0.33%


As at 07 August 2017, the Company had also been notified of the following shareholdings of 3% or more in the ordinary share capital of the Company:

Hargreave Hale 2,462,340 17.3%
J A Spens 2,088,314 14.7%
Herald Investment Trust Plc 804,217 5.7%