Company Information

Maintel operates through its principal subsidiaries, Maintel Europe Limited and Maintel International Limited.

These companies provide maintenance, service and support of office-based voice and data equipment across the UK and internationally on a contracted basis. They also supply and install voice and data equipment to their customers, together with a broad range of professional services.

They offer a portfolio of network services which includes:

  • data connectivity
  • telephone line rental
  • inbound and outbound telephone calls
  • internet access
  • IP telephony solutions

Maintel receive commissions under its Mobile dealer agreements with Vodafone and O2, supplemented by revenue derived from ongoing customer monthly spend.

All Maintel group companies are wholly owned and other than Maintel International Ltd which is incorporated in the Republic of Ireland, are incorporated in England and Wales and whilst the Group has a strong International capability, predominantly all of its business is carried out in the UK.

Maintel is subject to the United Kingdom City Code on Takeovers and Mergers.