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Maintel provides MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) and VPLS (Virtual Private LAN) services making efficient use of bandwidth and ensuring that changes to the network are straightforward.

MPLS and VPLS are technologies which enable a wide range of data applications and voice to run across a shared network with various levels of prioritisation so that the most delay-sensitive applications data such as voice are prioritised. An MPLS network allows network sharing in a cost effective and easy to manage environment.

Sharing bandwidth allows you to do more with your network by layering multiple applications over a single network. For example why pay for inter-site telephone calls via the public telephone network when voice can be added as an application routed via your data network.

With voice routing via your data network you can also quickly re-route calls via other site office protecting your business against telephone failure into a single site.

Maintel’s VPLS service operates across a fully-resilient next generation Ethernet network giving businesses speeds of up to 1gbps at very competitive prices.

The commercial and technical advantages made available by carrier Ethernet are unparalleled in the communications industry and it is now possible to connect distant offices and locations as if they were part of the same Local Area Network.

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