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Remote working

Being out of the office no longer means being out of touch as more and more businesses give their employees the tools to work remotely, whether they are on the road or working from home. Enabling staff to work from outside the office means businesses can get the most from their employees, increasing productivity and reducing cost.

Remote working can refer to a number of work-related situations that require you to access important information without restrictions set by location, network, time, or device.

Very simply, mobility is what enables you to access work files and work remotely. Mobility is about the ability to access documents in a number of different circumstances outside of the normal working environment. This includes:

  • Different locations such as home, hotels, on the train, or at a client’s office during a meeting
  • Outside regular working hours
  • Different devices. Office computers are usually linked by a shared network which enables them to access shared files. Mobility allows access across all compatible devices, even personal ones

Maintel can help you design a remote working solution to suit your business needs, whether this is to ensure people can work whilst travelling or give employees the flexibility to work from home. If your staff work on the move, Maintel will consider how to keep them office ready at all times with Integrated communications, a secure IT Network, a connection to a landline number and excellent coverage to keep them in touch at all times, combining the best technology and the best value for your business.

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