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Environmental Management Policy

We ask our employees to take into account the effect their activities have on the environment at all times. Maintel is committed to minimisation of waste and the recycling of materials.

Where appropriate energy management will be used to help our consumption and also save energy for the general environment.

This is also good business practice. In meeting our commitment we will endeavour to:


As a minimum, meet statutory requirements of environmental regulations and standards to which we subscribe.

Recycle and use of Recycled Materials

Endeavour to recycle and reuse any materials possible and use environmentally friendly products where possible including paper, tins, packaging etc.

Waste Management

We will endeavour to minimise waste product wherever possible and make sure waste materials are disposed of in an environmentally safe manner and in accordance with regulations.


To work on partnership with suppliers and customers to ensure best practice is followed for supply of goods and services.


Maintel will endeavour to manage all energy supplies and water supplies to obtain optimum consumption through management initiatives. We will also endeavour to cut vehicle emissions by using eco friendly transport or public transport by employees where possible.

Company Awareness

Maintel encourages its employees to act in an environmentally conscious manner, and will encourage awareness of environmental responsibilities throughout the company. Maintel is working to continually carry out and improve our impact on the environment.

Eddie Buxton
Chief Executive Officer